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2012 Newsweek and The Daily Beast

TDB: Technocrat Down! Mario Monti Resigns December 9, 2012

TDB: Vendetta in the Vineyard December 8, 2012

TDB: Berlusconi: The Joker is Back December 6, 2012

TDB: Europe's Most Corrupt Country December 5, 2012

TDB: The Holy Tweeter December 3, 2012

TDB: When Woof Means No. December 1, 2012

TDB: Did He Steal Madeleine McCann? November 28, 2012

TDB: Serial Killer in the Alps? November 25, 2012

TDB: In Italy, Angry Students Occupy Schools November 22, 2012

TDB: A Bunga-Bunga Kidnapping November 20, 2012

TDB: Luxury Fashion in Africa November 17, 2012

TDB: Europe's Day of Austerity Rage November 14, 2012

TDB: Arrest Made in French Alps Quadruple Murder Mystery November 13, 2012

TDB: Italian Women Suffer Long After Silvio Berlusconi's Exit November 11, 2012

TDB: Men Who Stole from the Pope November 10, 2012

TDB: Greece Cancels Christmas as Austerity Measure November 8, 2012

TDB: Brace Yourself, Italy's Politicians Will Soon Return November 4, 2012

TDB: Rome's Halloween Horror Stabbing November 2, 2012

TDB: Are Cruise Ships Damaging Venice? October 31, 2012

TDB: Plot Thickens in Alps Murders October 29, 2012

TDB: Berlusconi Nailed on Tax Fraud October 26, 2012

TDB: Scientists Found Guilty in L'Aquila Earthquake Trial October 22, 2012

NEWSWEEK: Italy's Stiletto Murders October 22, 2012

TDB: French Alps Murder Mystery's Forensic Breakthrough October 20, 2012

TDB: Defense Calls George Clooney October 19, 2012

TDB: Nightmare Art Theft October 17, 2012

TDB: How Guilty was Costa's Captain? October 16, 2012

TDB: Costa Concordia Comes to Court October 13, 2012

TDB: Merkel to Greece: Long Path to Recovery October 9, 2012

TDB: Alps Murder Mystery Deepens October 9, 2012

TDB: The Butler Did It! October 6, 2012

TDB: Sistine Chapel and Other Roman Landmakrs Damage by Tourists October 6, 2012

TDB: Amanda Knox One Year Later October 3, 2012

TDB: Pope's Butler: I didn't Steal, I Betrayed October 2, 2012

TDB: Europe's Austerity Crisis Ravages Italy's South October 2, 2012

NEWSWEEK: Scents and Sensibility October 1, 2012

TDB: A Gay Wedding in Rome September 30, 2012

TDB: Inside the Butler's Trial September 29, 2012

TDB: Vatileaks Trial Cloaked in Secrecy September 28, 2012

TDB: Greece's Nightmare Options September 25, 2012

TDB: Alps Murder Victims Pasts Probed by Cops September 22, 2012

TDB: Will CIA Employees Be Extradited for Abu Omar Kidnapping September 21, 2012

TDB: Italy's Culture Falling to Ruins Amid Austerity Cuts September 19, 2012

TDB: Kate Middleton Nude Photos Flap Sparks Silvio Berlusconi vs. teh Queen September 12, 2012

TDB: Amanda Knox's Ex Tells All in "Honor Bound" Memoir September 18, 2012

TDB: Girl Recalls Grisly Alps Murders September 12, 2012

TDB: What The Church Knew September 9, 2012

TDB: We Are All Germans Now! September 8, 2012

TDB: Dropout Rates Soar in Italy September 6, 2012

TDB: Super Mario's Fading Halo August 31, 2012

TDB: Occupy Coal Mine August 28, 2012

TDB: Was That MAdeleine McCann? August 28, 2012

TDB: Syrians Flood Greece? August 26, 2012

TDB: Europe Goes AFter Circumcision August 24, 2012

TDB: Did The Butler Have Help? August 13, 2012

Newsweek: 10 Rustic Rome Spots August 13, 2012

TDB: South Dakota Withers in the Drought August 5, 2012

TDB: Italy's New Mafia Turf July 29, 2012

Will The Pope's Butler Pay? July 24, 2012

Newsweek: The Hidden Horror of Cruiseships July 26, 2012

Newsweek: A Sketchy Art Mystery July 16, 2012

TDB: For Sale By Owner: Greece July 13, 2012

TDB: Giant Red Roaches Invade Italy July 12, 2012

TDB: Europe's Abandoned Baby Crisis July 11, 2012

Newsweek: Secrets of the Vatican July 9, 2012

TDB: Italy's $471M Mafia Fraud Juy 7, 2012

TDB: New Report: Madeleine McCann is Still Alive July 6, 2012

TDB: Meet The Pope's New Top Cop July 4, 2012

TDB: Bunga Bunga Redux June 30, 2012

TDB: The Pope's New PR Guy June 24, 2012

TDB: Soccer DiplomacyJune 22, 2012

TDB: Hate Dawns on AthensJune 19, 2012

TDB: Grexit Averted June 18, 2012

Newsweek Magazine Debt Most Deadly June 18, 2012

TDB: Prostitution Panic Grips Athens June 17, 2012

TDB: The Pope's Publicity Hell June 16, 2012

TDB: Meet the Greeks June 15, 2012

TDB: Can Rigor Montis Fix Italy? June 13, 2012

TDB: Is Grexit Inevitible? June 10, 2012

TDB: The Vatican's Whistle Blower June 10, 2012

TDB: Nuns The Vatican Loves to Hate June 8, 2012

TDB: Vatican Bans Book on Female Masturbation June 5, 2012

TDB: Was The Butler Framed? June 4, 2012

TDB: Berlusconi for President June 3, 2012

TDB: A Butler Scorned May 30, 2012

TDB: Italian Town Struck by Earthquake for Second Time May 29, 2012

TDB: Did the Butler Really Do It? May 28, 2012

TDB: VatiLeaks Exposes Internal Memos of the Catholic Church May 24, 2012

TDB: A Bombing in Brindisi May 19, 2012

TDB: Italian Police Open a Mobster's Vatican-Owned Tomb May 16, 2012

TDB: Vatican Turns on Girl Scouts May 15, 2012

TDB: Obama Stirs Europe's Gay Debate May 10, 2012

TDB: Was it Madeleine? May 8, 2012

TDB: Our Daughter's Murder April 26, 2012

TDB: Is Madeleine McCann Alive? April 26, 2012

TDB: Nuns Gone Wild! April 20, 2012

TDB: The Vatican's Mob Murder Mystery April 17, 2012

TDB: New Elections Can't Fix Greece April 14, 2012

TDB: The Vatican's Silencing of Father Flannery April 11, 2012

TDB: Caravaggio Mystery Solved! April 8, 2012

TDB: Vatican Stemcell Cencorship Scam March 29, 2012

TDB: JP Morgan Closes Vatican Bank Account March 21, 2012

TDB: Italy Struggles with Spate of Domestic Violence Murders March 16, 2012

TDB: Swiss Ski Trip's Horrific End March 14, 2012

TDB: Italy's Child Poverty Crisis March 4, 2012

TDB: Costa Concordia Inquiry Begins March 3, 2012

TDB: Another Cruise From Hell February 28, 2012

TDB: Who's Spilling the Vatican's Secrets? February 26, 2012

TDB: Berlusconi Escapes Corruption Conviction February 25, 2012

TDB: Castro May Rejoin the Catholic Church February 24, 2012

TDB: 8 More Bodies Found on Shipwreck February 22, 2012

TDB: Greeks Flee to Canada February 16, 2012

TDB: Amanda Konx Verdict Appealed: Will She Go Back to Italy? February 15, 2012

TDB: Greece Boils Over February 13, 2012

TDB: The Costa Lawsuit Wave February 8, 2012

TDB: Amanda Knox Appeals Slander Conviction February 7, 2012

TDB: Survivors Aren't Buying Costa Concordia's Compensation Offer January 27, 2012

TDB: Pessimism in the Alps January 27, 2012

TDB: Shipwreck Legal Battle Gets Ugly January 26, 2012

TDB: From Capitalism to the World's Most Vulnerable January 26, 2012

TDB: Jagger Brings Swagger January 25, 2012

TDB: Ice and Fire January 25, 2012

TDB: Capitalism on Trial at Davos January 25, 2012

TDB: Italy's Shipwreck Mess January 24, 2012

TDB: Last Hope for the Concordia's Missing January 21, 2012

TDB: Captain with Blonde Before Wreck January 20, 2012

TDB: The Concordia's Daredevil CaptainJanuary 18, 2012

TDB: Get On Board, Damn It! January 17, 2012

TDB: Race Against Time for Shipwreck January 16, 2012

TDB: What Went Wrong on the Costa Concordia? January 16, 2012

TDB: Italy Searches for Survivors January 15, 2012

TDB: Rescued from the Wreck January 15, 2012

TDB: Shipwreck: It Was All Dark January 14, 2012

TDB: Santorum's Communist Clan January 11, 2012

TDB: Italy's Fat Cat Parliament January 5, 2012

2011 Newsweek and The Daily Beast

TDB: Why Amanda Knox Was Set Free December 15, 2011

Newsweek: Italian Stallion, Inc. November 28, 2011

TDB: Berlusconi's Trials Begin for Real November 24, 2011

Newsweek: The Trouble With Tecnocrats November 21, 2011

TDB: Vatican Murder Mystery November 14, 2011

Newsweek Cover Story: Not Just Any Old Charlatan November 13, 2011

TDB: Berlusconi Bumbles Out November 9, 2011

TDB: Berlusconi's Last Hurrah November 7, 2011

TDB: Bail Out, Berlusconi November 3, 2011

TDB: The Pope's Failing Health October 28, 2011

TDB: Strange Tale of Gucci Murderess October 23, 2011

TDB: Anarchists Hijack Rome Protests October 15, 2011

TDB: Italy's Hit & Run Mystery October 6, 2011

TDB: Knox Case's Unsolved Mysteries October 5, 2011

TDB: Kerchers: We Cannot Forgive October 4, 2011

TDB: Major Players in Amanda Knox Trial October 4, 2011

TDB: Amanda Knox Now a Free Woman October 3, 2011

TDB: Amanda's Final Plea October 3, 2011

TDB: Judgement Day for Amanda Knox October 2, 2011

TDB: Knox Awaits Verdict October 2 2011

TDB: Knox Case Nears its Gaudy End September 29, 2011

TDB: Is Van Der Sloot's Confession Real?September 28, 2011

TDB: Knox Appeal Hits A Snag September 23, 2011

TDB: Europe's Dangerous Sex Craze September 15, 2011

TDB: Amanda Knox Appeal Down to the Wire September 5, 2011

TDB: Silvio Slanders Italy September 4, 2011

TDB: Austria's Latest Dungeon Dad August 28, 2011

TDB: Ghaddafi's Italian Connection August 27, 2011

TDB: Italy's Next Act in Libya August 22, 2011

TDB: Aruba Murder Mystery Deepens August 17, 2011

TDB: Another Natalee Holloway? August 12, 2011

TDB: Knox Forensics Under the Microscope July 30, 2011

TDB: Knox's Stunning Turnaround July 23, 2011

Newsweek Italy's Luxury Bailout July 27, 2011

TDB: What Casey's Defense Got Right July 7, 2011

TDB: Amanda Knox DNA Shocker June 27, 2011

TDB: Clooney Breakup's Red Flags June 23, 2011

TDB: Italy Wants out of Libya June 23, 2011

TDB: Can Prison Gossip Free Knox? June 18, 2011

TDB: Italy's Jersey Shore Spinoff June 17, 2011

Newsweek International Coverstory Exodus June 11, 2011

TDB: Lady Gaga Angers the Pope June 11, 2011

Newsweek: Glamping: Camping on the Ritz May 29, 2011

TDB: Jersey Shore Takes Italy May 24, 2011

TDB: Knox's New Appeal May 21, 2011

TDB: Secretary Hillary Clinton in Italy Brokers a Deal May 5, 2011

TDB: Beatification Boosts Vatican May 1, 2011

TDB: Reporting Sexism Truth April 18, 2011

Newsweek: We Are Treated Like Prosciutto April 17, 2011

TDB: Berlusconi Sex Charges: The Bunga-Bunga Trial Begins April 6, 2011

TDB: Is George Clooney into Bunga-Bunga? March 29, 2011
The actor has been asked to testify in the sensational trial of Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, who's up against underage prostitution charges.

TDB: Libyan Refugee Gives Birth at Sea March 29, 2011
As tens of thousands of people pour onto Italian shores from Tunisia, Libya, and other war-torn nations, Italian officials are asking when the rest of Europe will open its doors.

TDB: Could A Homeless Man Free Amanda Knox?" March 28, 2011
In the latest twist in the Seattle native’s murder appeal, a key witness contradicted earlier testimony that had helped to convict her.

TDB: Gadaffi's Best Friend in Europe March 23, 2011
Silvio Berlusconi is a friend of Gaddafi's and says he can convince the dictator to go into exile.

TDB: Italy's Refugee Camp Horror March 21, 2011
Thousands of Libyans are risking their lives to escape to a small Italian island, where conditions are appalling.

TDB: Could An Insanity Plea Free Joran Van Der Sloot? March 8, 2011
The Dutchman suspected of murdering two women could be out of prison in just two years—but he could pay for the easy ride with his life, thanks to the price on his head.

TDB: The Dazzling Mrs. Colin Firth March 5, 2011
A glamorous eco-warrior, the wife of Colin Firth has her own following.

TDB: Royal Wedding Plans So Far for Prince William February 18, 2011
The wedding of the decade is being orchestrated down to the last detail. Barbie Latza Nadeau and Jacqueline Williams on the guest list, the dress code, the food—and Kate's top-secret gown.

TDB: Amanda Knox's Parents Slander Trial February 16, 2011
Their nightmare isn't over yet--after watching their daughter sent to prison for murder, Amanda Knox's parents now face the same fate for slander.

TDB: Lifetime's Amanda Knox Movie February 15, 2011
Lifetime aired its salacious adaptation of the Amanda Knox story--despite complaints from her alleged victim's family that forced the network to drop a grisly murder scene.

TDB: French Fashion's Anorexic Horror February 7, 2011
Two months after anorexic model Isabelle Caro died, her mother committed suicide.

Newsweek: The Murderer Taunting Italy January 27, 2011

TDB: The Murderer Taunting Italy January 26, 2011
Brazil has halted the extradition of one of Italy's most notorious criminals.

Newsweek: More Heat for Berlusconi January 14, 2011

Newsweek: Pompeii's Second Desctruction January 3, 2011


Rome's Embassy Bombing Wave of Terror December 27, 2010
The Italian capital's tony embassy neighborhoods are in a panic after the discovery of another parcel bomb, days after two others detonated.

Early Christmas for Amanda Knox December 18, 2010
The court has decided to review key forensic evidence used to convict the student killer.

Stolen Aphrodite Returns December 11, 2010
The Getty museum’s ancient statue of the Greek love goddess is headed back home to Italy after a protracted international battle involving tomb-raiding art smugglers.

Amanda Knox's Tearful Appal December 11, 2010
The convicted murderess began her appeal today with an emotional speech, at times breaking down in tears.

Amanda Knox Appeal Trial Begins November 24, 2010
The 23-year-old convicted murderess appeared at the first day of her appeal today a drastically changed young woman: pale, skittish and sad.

A Crack in the Holloway Case November 20, 2010
In the years since she disappeared, the Alabama girl's family has kept her case from going cold--and a startling new discovery suggests it may have just paid off.

Amanda Knox's Second Chance November 18, 2010
wenty-three year-old Amanda Knox from Seattle was convicted of murdering her roommate in Italy last year. Now, her defense team has assembled a sharp appeal that could retry the case from top to bottom.

Berlusconi's Final Days? November 7, 2010
The Italian prime minister is infamous for his bad behavior, but his latest antics--including a bizarre underwater orgy ritual--have alienated even his allies.

Knox's Grisly Successor November 1, 2010
With eerie echoes of Amanda Knox, a young Italian woman is grabbing headlines for a grisly murder with no known motive—and it was her own father who turned her in.

Knox's Powerful Fan October 20, 2010
A member of Italy's ruling party has visited the murderess in prison 20 times. Barbie Latza Nadeau on the gifts and "never-ending" hugs he’s given her--and how she appears in his dreams.

My Prison Time With Amanda September 14, 2010
A new book by one of Knox's prison friends dishes about the convicted murderess.

Where George Clooney is King September 8, 2010
Since he arrived in Lake Como, this tiny village has made a local sport out of chasing the actor and his Italian girlfriend all over town.

The Strange Cult of Joran Van Der Sloot September 6, 2010
Natalee Holloway's alleged killer has admitted to extorting her parents in return for revealing her body's location--but is it just his latest plea for attention?

The New Free Amanda Knox Offensive September 3, 2010
As the convicted murderess readies her appeal, her supporters are mounting a full-court press in the media.

He Wanted to Kill 50 Women August 18, 2010
But, according to his own account, Canada's notorious serial killer murdered only 49.

Van Der Sloot's Sex-Trade Scheme July 15, 2010
Held in a Peruvian jail on murder charges, Joran Van der Sloot is now also accused of trafficking underage Thai girls for sex -- including two who have gone missing.

Who is the Haircut Killer?" July 8, 2010
The body of a long-missing girl is found holding a fistful of someone else's hair -- just like another corpse a thousand miles away.

Will Knox's Parents Go to Jail? July 4, 2010
If Perugia police get their way, Amanda Knox's mom and dad will soon spend years in an Italian prison themselves for defamation.

Women Who Love Murderers June 23, 2010
Joran van der Sloot is the latest jailbird to get romantic attention from women.

Van Der Sloot Denies Murder June 21, 2010
As Joran van der Sloot retracts confessing to murdering Stephany Flores, his own mother admits he "may have" killed the young woman in Peru and her own "grave mistake."

Friends Ditch Van Der Sloot June 17, 2010
As he awaits trial in a notorious Peruvian prison, supporters abandon the suspected murderer.

Van Der Sloot's Lawyer Trouble June 14, 2010
oran van der Sloot may never testify about Natalee Holloway's disappearance in Aruba. Even if he is not killed in a Peruvian prison, as many fear will happen, The Daily Beast has learned that international red tape has led Aruban authorities to shut down their investigation -- and now his lawyer has threatened to quit.

Van Der Sloot's Latest Lie June 11, 2010
he 22-year-old Dutch native has been charged with the murder of Stephany Flores. Now prison officials tell The Daily Beast that he lied about the timing of the crime, that contrary to earlier reports, he wasn't high the night of it -- and that he'll be locked in solitary confinement for months to come, "for his own safety."

The Letter That Could Set Amanda Knox Free June 11, 2010
Mysteries of Meredith Kercher's murder may be solved by a Mafia turncoat who claims to know the location of her keys and a bloody knife pointing to her "real killer."

Van Der Sloot Tells All June 10, 2010
He has spilled gory details about Stephany Flores' murder, including the drugs he took and why he left her body.

Inside Van Der Sloot's Confession June 8, 2010
Thanks to interrogations of Van der Sloot, The Daily Beast has learned, there's an intense search under way near a bird sanctuary for Holloway's body. Plus, a private investigator who gave Van der Sloot a polygraph test tells Nadeau that "he thrived talking about Natalee."

Van Der Sloot's Downward Spiral June 4, 2010
Facing charges for a new killing similar to Natalee Holloway's, Joran van der Sloot is looking increasingly suspicious.

Has Natalee Holowee Suspect Struck Again? June 3
A young Peruvian girl is found dead in a Lima hotel, and Joran Van der Sloot has been arrested in Chile as a suspect.

Amanda Knox's Miserable Return to Court June 1, 2010
The young American murderess returned to court on Tuesday with a sporty new hairdo, hoping to beat the slander charges levied against her—but she never even got the chance.

Ten Questions for Amanda Knox May 29, 2010
Why was your blood at the crime scene? Why were your fingerprints missing from your own house?

Juicy New Details in Silvio Berlusconi's Divorce Deal May 12, 2010
Why the billionaire Italian prime minister gave his ex-wife a $105 million villa in exchange for his Sardinian pleasure pad and the movie rights to their lives.

The Cardinal Who Got Away May 11, 2010
As the pope accepts blame for the sex abuse scandals, Bernard Law, the disgraced former Archbishop of Boston, lives large in Rome.

Shocking New Knox Twist April 18, 2010
In a surprising move this weekend, the prosecution appealed its own murder conviction of Amanda Knox.

The Pope's Enablers April 12, 2010
To many Catholics, the Vatican sex scandal is mostly hype.

Has Rome Lost Faith in the Pope April 5, 2010
From the beginning of his papacy, Benedict XVI was never loved by the Italian faithful, but with the growing sex-abuse scandal, his hometown support is in peril.

Pope's New Outrage March 26, 2010
As more emerges about the pope's role in a sex-abuse cover-up involving more than 200 deaf boys, the Vatican is in crisis mode.

Should The Pope Resign? March 17, 2010
The pope will deliver a letter tomorrow addressing abuse in Ireland as more critics call on him to resign over the Church's sex scandal in his native Germany.

New Hope for Amanda Knox March 4, 2010
The Daily Beast has obtained a court document detailing why an Italian jury decided to convict the American college student for killing her roommate.

The New Face of Evil December 6, 2009
Is the real Amanda Knox the sex-obsessed, cold-blooded murderer that the prosecution depicted? Or worse?

Amanda Knox's Next Move December 4, 2009
After a grueling, 11-month trial, the young American co-ed was found guilty of murder by an Italian court.

Amanda Knox's Last Chance November 30, 2009
With the sensational murder trial in the hands of the jury, the defense's risky strategy to free Amanda Knox—and why her parents are now being investigated for a crime.

Knox Trial Endgame November 20, 2009
As closing arguments began, prosecutors described accused murderess Amanda Knox as a sex-and-drug-crazed sociopath while tears streamed down her face.

Berlusconi's Tranny Defense November 4, 2009
As Italy's leader tries to use a politician's affair with a transsexual prostitute to deflect his own scandals, his misogyny is finally catching up with him.

Knox Evidence Will Stand Alone October 10, 2009
Grim news today for accused murderess Amanda Knox: The Italian judge ruled that damning evidence—including a knife with her DNA on it—cannot be re-analyzed.

Berlusconi Loses his Shield October 7, 2009
An Italian court finally says basta! to the prime minister's antics and voids his immunity.

No Mistrial for Knox September 15, 2009
Denied their request for a mistrial due to mishandled evidence, Amanda Knox's lawyers promise "bombshells" in the murder trial—but prep her for a guilty verdict.

Amanda Knox's Summer in Prison September 12, 2009

Buzzboard: Videocracy September 8, 2009

Too Sexy For Italy? August 15, 2009
Call girls, sex tapes, nude pool parties: Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi gets away with plenty.

The Knox Trial Cliffhanger July 18, 2009
As Italy's murder trial adjourns today for the summer, Amanda Knox's family is haunted by a scandalous photo of her sisters posing in short-shorts at the crime scene.

Obama Meets the Pope July 10, 2009
The first family met privately with the pope today before heading to Ghana. What Obama—and George Clooney—accomplished at the G-8.

Italy's Wacky Host July 8, 2009
Silvio Berlusconi's plan to divert attention from his rumored orgies with high-priced prostitutes by holding the G-8 summit in an earthquake-stricken city is being undermined by the comely former topless model serving as his co-host.

Knox Defense Has Its Day July 7, 2009
In a dramatic day of testimony—which literally made a court interpreter ill—experts knock down some, but not all, of the evidence against Amanda Knox.

The Other Murders That Could Save Knox July 1, 2009
Charges of misconduct in Italy's other notorious crime—a series of killings described by bestselling author Doug Preston and optioned by Tom Cruise—could discredit the prosecutor of Amanda Knox.

The Lone Convict June 27, 2009
Rudy Guede, the only person yet convicted of murdering Meredith Kercher, holds the key to what happened that night. But he's staying mum—so far.

Will Knox's Boyfriend Sacrifice Himself? June 20, 2009
His father took the stand, but alleged co-ed killer Amanda Knox's one-time beau may not testify in his own defense to avoid undermining her alibi.

Amanda Knox Tells Her Story June 12, 2009
"I'm not like that," the accused murderer told an Italian jury after months of salacious and damning testimony about her.

Europe Lurches Right June 8, 2009
With the economy struggling across Europe, immigrant-bashing and law-and-order proved winning platforms.

A Mother's Grief in Perugia June 7, 2009
The family of murder victim Meredith Kercher testified in front of the Italian court.

Italy's Skinny Dip Scandal June 6, 2009
Topless women, the former Czech leader's privates—paparazzi shots of nude pool parties at Prime Minister Berlusconi's seaside villa are either a smear campaign, or just another day in his scandalous life.

Book Beast: The Tomb Robbers May 30, 2009
On the trail of a looted chalice, Vernon Silver exposes the dark side of the antiquities trade, from tomb robbers in Italy to museum curators in New York and Los Angeles.

Will DNA Damn Amanda Knox? May 24, 2009
In two grueling days of testimony, police defended their DNA—collecting methods—until a sleuthing attorney caught a video detail that threatened to implode the prosecution's argument.

Will Her Unborn Child Save Her? May 21, 2009
Twenty-year-old Samantha Orobator sits in Laos's worst prison, facing a death sentence for smuggling heroin. As the trial looms, her mysterious pregnancy may—or may not—save her life.

Whose Bloody Footprints Were They? May 10, 2009
In a scene straight out of CSI, jurors in the Amanda Knox murder trial heard about invisible—and damning—bloody footprints that reappeared after some forensic magic.

Basta! Berlusconi's Wife Bails May 4, 2009
Italy's PM Silvio Berlusconi has finally pushed his wife too far—but with $9.4 billion on the line and no prenup, who will have the last laugh? Plus, VIEW OUR GALLERY of his women.

Is the Pope Softening on Divorce? April 27, 2009
The pope's private visit today with Prince Charles and Camilla—who was previously married to a Catholic—is raising questions about a potential shift in church doctrine.

Amanda Knox's Bloody Footprint? April 25, 2009
New evidence in the murder trial of Amanda Knox—the American co-ed accused of murdering her roommate in Italy—reveals a gory crime scene, including bloody sheets, a second knife—and a shocking video of the murder victim.

What The Rapist Had to Say April 5, 2009
Barbie Nadeau returns to the study abroad murder scandal that rocked three nations. The victim's convicted rapist takes the stand against the American girl accused of orchestrating the crime.

Are There More Dungeon Dads? March 31, 2009
Two weeks after the conviction of the Austrian father who enslaved and raped his daughter, two similar cases have emerged.

My Life in the Dungeon March 17, 2009
Testifying by videotape, Elisabeth Fritzl described her years of torment, repeatedly raped by her father Josef and trapped with the children of incest in a dank cellar. It was so harrowing that it led her father to confess.

Behind the Co-Ed Murder Scandal March 13, 2009
Mining Amanda Knox's past, Barbie Latza Nadeau unearths a broken home, disturbing writings, and evidence of a tempestuous relationship with her stepfather.

Sex and Murder in Italy February 18, 2009
Obsessive bloggers are hurling threats at one another as the murder charges against American coed Amanda Knox finally reach court—and Italy's "trial of the century" is likely to last all year.