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January 2010: Venice: Holding Back the Waters
As the population of Venice slips below 60,000, what the future may hold for one of Europe’s most iconic cities.

September 2008: Stromboli: Love on the Rocks
Stromboli is more than just an active volcano off the north coast of Sicily. Scratch the surface and you find a welcoming community with a can-do spirit.

March-April 2008: Malta: Ancient and Modern
Entry to the EU is bringing change to Malta, but its long history is still prominent – from prehistoric temples to British red post boxes.

September-October 2007: Naples: Rough Diamond
Sprawling beneath the glowering heights of Mount Vesuvius and married to the mob, the Italian city of Naples remains a cultural gem.
(Winner of 2007 Italian Tourist Board's Best Travel Article)

November-December 2006: Etruria: Tomb Raiders
Museums worldwide have benefited from the illegal looting of Italy's Etruscan treasures. Now, the country is finally recognizing the full value of its pre-Roman heritage and is stepping up efforts to protect it.